Transitions is a Behavioral Health Service Organization, accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The overarching objective for every level of care we provide is to jumpstart an individual’s life in recovery. We do this through individualized treatment planning, patient-centered care, evidenced-based intervention strategies and a compassionate commitment to top quality care.

Our Services

Managed Withdrawal

Under the care of our Medical Director and Nursing Team, clients can safely withdrawal from their substance use with the assistance of comfort medications to ease the symptoms associated with withdrawal. On site programming including Recovery Meetings and Peer Support Groups are provided daily. Discharge Planning begins at the point of admission to ensure a safe hand-off to the next level of care for continued Substance Use Disorder treatment.


Under the care of our Medical Director, Nursing and Clinical Team, clients participate in intensive residential treatment. Clients receive individual, group and family education and therapy as well as participate in other recovery based activities to encourage a life of recovery, health and wellness. Co-occurring Disorders are treated through both counseling and the medical and behavioral health services provided on site.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient Services

IOP provides services three nights a week, three hours a day, totaling nine hours of intensive group therapy a week. Individuals are seen once a week for individual therapy by our team of Licensed Clinicians. Treatment is intensive, and allows for a client to engage in other community supports while actively participating in their recovery program. Clients in the program participate daily in a randomized drug screen program to ensure commitment to their recovery. While engaged in this program, clients have the opportunity and are often recommended to meet weekly with our Targeted Case Managers who assist in breaking down any psycho-social barriers during the recovery process, as well as our Supportive Employment Specialists who work with our clients up to one year to identify and maintain meaningful and gainful employment.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is followed up by our Outpatient After Care Program. While in the After Care program, clients engage in weekly groups facilitated by Certified Peer Support Specialists and continued individual counseling with a Licensed Clinician. Graduation from the After Care Program is celebrated by continued attendance at our weekly Alumni Group.

Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Managers work in the community, assisting clients with any psycho-social barriers that may impact a successful recovery. Specific areas that are addressed and assisted with include, employment, permanent housing, medical care, mental health support, day care vouchers, food stamps, state issued benefits and many more. Targeted Case Managers assist with the transition from Residential to Outpatient Services and can provide assistance for up to 6 months to an individual in need of continued support in the community.

Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment Specialists work with our clients up to one year and assist in identifying long term educational and employment goals. Supported Employment Services at Transitions have received both National and International Awards, recognized for their success in obtaining employment for our clients. Clients can work with our highly trained Supported Employment Specialists, in conjunction with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to identify gainful and meaningful work.

Casey’s Law Assessments

Transitions completes both Medical and Behavioral Health Specialist Casey’s Law Assessments on site at the Residential Treatment Center and Falmouth Treatment Center. Call 859-491-4435 to schedule one or both assessments.

Therapeutic Community

Transitions’ Grateful Life Center is a voluntary alcohol and other drug program, therapeutic community and long-term supportive housing program for residents committed to clean, sober and positive living. In this community, all residents learn to help each other through a “buddy system”, assisting those who have been in treatment for a shorter period.  Residents are assisted by staff, mentors, 12-step sponsors, fellow residents and community volunteers. The intense dedication of all those involved generates a positive attitude, which assists residents in their recovery. This empowers and requires all residents to be good neighbors in the therapeutic community – within the facility, as well as to the larger community outside the walls. Contact (859) 359-4500 for more information.

Housing Plus

Transitions’ Housing Plus program provides apartments or group homes set aside for homeless or chronically homeless persons with disabilities.  Supportive housing includes ongoing case management to assist the tenants with everyday living problems and employment.  Contact (859) 261-8600 for more information.


Transitions, Inc. was founded in 1969 by volunteers concerned about the lack of substance use disorder treatment for the uninsured in Northern Kentucky. Today, we offer women and men a holistic continuum of care comprised of managed withdrawal, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, case managed sober housing, supported employment and comprehensive support services.