Transitions offers comprehensive Substance Use Disorder (Including Casey’s Law) assessments during business hours, Monday through Friday. Contact (859) 491-4435 for more information.


We provide men and women with a safe place to stabilize and withdraw from alcohol or other drugs. Staff monitor the withdrawal process and have access to medical personnel. Consumers are introduced to self-help groups and referred for further treatment. The unit admits Kentucky residents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, when space is available. Contact (859) 491-4435 for more information.


Transitions provides residential treatment to Kentucky residents who cannot obtain it elsewhere. We offer an individualized approach to residential treatment for adult men and women.  The women’s program accepts pregnant women and women with or without children (children must be under the age of 12).
Elements common to both programs include:

 Individual and Group Substance Use Disorder Education and Therapy

*Exposure to self-help groups

*Community service

*A relapse prevention approach

*Aftercare counseling

*Employment opportunities

*And, above all — hope!

Both programs are located in Northern Kentucky.

Contact (859) 491-4435 for admissions.


Our intensive outpatient program in Covington offers group and individual counseling, education and relapse prevention training to men and women over a 6-8 month period.

~ IOP expectations are individualized and based on participation. ~

Successful completion of each phase of treatment at Transitions and movement through the program are based on matching the clinical needs of the consumer with an appropriate level of care. 

Contact (859) 491-4435 for more information.


Transitions, Inc. provides high quality, compassionate and ethical outpatient mental health therapy to clients using best clinical practices to maximize treatment process and outcomes. Treatment plans are individualized to best meet the needs of our clients; therefore length in outpatient mental health counseling is dependent on client need and therapist recommendation. Contact (859) 491-4435 for more information.


Transitions, Inc. offers Targeted Case Management Services to our clients. Targeted Case Managers work to assist our clients to effectively function in the community and/or to prepare for reintegration into the community.  They do this by providing services which include, but are not limited to, crisis intervention, advocacy, medication monitoring, transportation assistance, financial assistance, ADL assistance, referral and linkage to community resources. Contact (859) 491-4435 for more information.


Transitions has a Vocational Rehabilitation / Supportive Employment Program to assist consumers who are having challenges finding employment.  Transitions’ Program works in coordination with Kentucky’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).  Contact (859) 491-4435 for more information.


Transitions’ Grateful Life Center is a voluntary alcohol and other drug program, therapeutic community and long-term supportive housing program for residents committed to clean, sober and positive living. In this community, all residents learn to help each other through a “buddy system”, assisting those who have been in treatment for a shorter period.  Residents are assisted by staff, mentors, 12-step sponsors, fellow residents and community volunteers. The intense dedication of all those involved generates a positive attitude, which assists residents in their recovery. This empowers and requires all residents to be good neighbors in the therapeutic community – within the facility, as well as to the larger community outside the walls. Contact (859) 359-4500 for more information.


Transitions’ Housing Plus program provides apartments or group homes set aside for homeless or chronically homeless persons with disabilities.  Supportive housing includes ongoing case management to assist the tenants with everyday living problems and employment.  Contact (859) 261-8600 for more information.


Transitions, Inc. was founded in 1969 by volunteers concerned about the lack of substance use disorder treatment for the uninsured in Northern Kentucky. Today, we offer women and men a holistic continuum of care comprised of non-medical detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, case managed sober housing, supported employment and comprehensive support services.