Transitions, Inc. of Northern Kentucky - Addiction Recovery Services (heroin recovery, AA, opiate addiction, alcoholism)

All of our chemical dependency treatment programs share a common foundation consisting of:

Treatment Approach
We believe treatment for Substance Use Disorder needs to be individualized and meet the needs of all of our clients. Clients are exposed to talk therapy, self-help recovery groups and medication.

Comprehensive Services
Individual and group counseling is offered in all agency programs. We also help clients with basic life skills, budgeting, employment readiness, and many other topics important to recovery.

Employment Services
Transitions works with all clients to assist them in finding meaningful and sustainable employment. Meaningful employment has been found to be very important in early recovery.

Payment Options
All services are covered by Medicaid and private insurance. Transitions also has several grants and contracts that may cover part or all of treatment services. Payment options are also available on an individual basis.

We serve clients equally without regard to race, color, religion or national origin.