Transitions, a non-profit organization, owns a building in Covington and we have converted it into a Healthy Newborns Home.  In general, when women enroll in the Transitions’ Women’s Residential Addictions Program (WRAP), they go through 90 to 120 days of residential addiction treatment.  From 2011 through 2013, pregnant and addicted women were able to stay clean and sober throughout the duration of their pregnancy.  All 55 babies born to women in the WRAP Program have gone directly home from the hospital with their mothers avoiding a costly stay in the NICU.  Therefore, Transitions decided to expand the program for pregnant women and created the Healthy Newborns Home.

The women in the Healthy Newborns Home are completing their addiction treatment at WRAP or are participating in WRAP’s Aftercare Program.  While living in the home, the women are provided a facility that fosters a safe, supported, and learning environment to help them continue sobriety and give birth to a baby that is only minimally drug affected and does not have to spend time withdrawing from drugs in the NICU detox.  Therefore, the baby can go home with its mother within the usual time frame.  In addition, there is less chance of the newborns having developmental challenges in their future.  The women can stay in the home up to 4 months after their baby is born.

Residents of the Healthy Newborns Home are still held accountable as if they were at the WRAP House. They continue to be drug tested, alcohol tested, and subjected to a curfew. In addition, they are assigned a Case Manager who will help them find employment, sign up for assisted / affordable housing, and further their education.

The Healthy Newborns Home provides for more opportunities for pregnant and addicted women to be admitted into the WRAP program.


• Between 2000 and 2009 the number of drug affected babies being born in Kentucky increased 2400%.  In 2012 and 2013, the number of drug affected babies born in Kentucky doubled from 730 to 1460.

• In the past two years approximately 110 drug affected babies have been born in Northern Kentucky.

• It costs approximately $14,000 to $55,000 in medical costs alone to treat a drug affected baby compared to approximately $4,000 for a healthy baby birth.

• Currently, about half of the babies in the Neo-natal ICU at St. Elizabeth are drug affected.

Since its opening in December 2013, the Healthy Newborns Home has housed 10 pregnant and addicted women and 6 healthy babies have come home from the hospital without being severely drug affected and needing additional hospitalization.  Currently 5 women and 3 babies live at the house.



The 2014 Leadership Northern Kentucky Class has selected Transitions, Inc. Healthy Newborns Project for our class project. Our main project goals are to improve and beautify the house and surrounding landscape, enrich the environment and living experience for the mothers and newborns in the program, and create community awareness / partnerships for our project and Transitions. We are truly grateful for your interest in supporting this worthy cause in our community.  — VIEW & DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE