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Great Things Are Happening At Transitions!

Great things are happening at Transitions! Coming up on our 50th Anniversary, the mission of Transitions is to help individuals transition from the pain of addiction to the gratitude of recovery. We are working hard to increase capacity to address the heroin epidemic and other Substance Use Disorders. Our plan includes:

New Falmouth Location: Thanks to a generous donation from St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Transitions will begin operating detox and residential treatment services in Falmouth, KY on May 1, 2018. We will provide 6 detox and 30 residential treatment beds for men and women.

Droege: Beginning mid-March, the Droege facility will be under construction for a new purpose – the Dayton Healthy Newborn House. Thanks to a grant from the State of Kentucky, Droege will be re-purposed into 20 units of transitional housing for pregnant and parenting women in recovery. 

Men’s Residential Treatment Services: Men’s residential treatment and detox services that are currently provided at the Droege facility will continue but be temporary re-located until the renovation of the new Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is complete. We anticipate the new center will be finished mid- July.

New Residential Treatment Center: Construction has begun! The RTC will Expand Our Capacity to 180 Beds; Offer Treatment on Demand – Admitting Individuals within 180 Minutes and Assist Individuals in turning their lives around 180 Degrees. See floor plan above and click HERE for more details..

WRAP: Women’s residential treatment and services will continue at our current location until the new RTC location opens. 

This strategic response will enable Transitions to address the full spectrum of addiction treatment and recovery, and provide our region one of the foremost treatment networks in the nation.

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