Transitions, Inc – Addiction Recovery Services of Northern Kentucky – Major Gift Campaign Video from Transitions on Vimeo.


For addiction, there’s no quick fix. It’s a long, arduous road that requires patience and dedication. In fact, at Transitions, we believe that an individual isn’t recovered until sober for a full five years. So, how does an addict get there?

At Transitions, we create a safe haven for recovering addicts where they feel loved and protected from the world’s ills. Here, we surround them with any and all resources required to attain sobriety and facilitate “clean” living.

We offer professional counseling and numerous self-help programs. For those who need additional services, Transitions provides residential programs. These range from 90 days to as much as 9 months for men, women and women with dependent children (ages newborn to 12 years old).

Once an addict has made progress, he or she is eligible for employment or community service. With this, the patient gains a feeling of stability and self-worth – a crucial step in long-term recovery.

A very significant ingredient to success is love. Transitions encourages family, friends and colleagues to express their love for the patient and support him or her in every way possible. Remember, addicts are broken people with thoughts and feelings; knowing that others still care for them is truly invaluable to their long-term recovery.


Transitions assists the indigent, uninsured, incarcerated, homeless and working poor of Kentucky. Ultimately, we’d love to become obsolete – but until addiction is eradicated, we offer hope to those who cannot find it elsewhere.

Our needs are many and the number of those requiring help is growing. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the plight of addiction and discover the great work being done at Transitions.

Through understanding, open mindedness and benevolence, we can save lives and alleviate the sting of this indiscriminate disease.