Light the Windows in Our WRAP House!

Help Transitions make our WRAP (Women’s Residential Addiction Program) House feel a lot more like home for our residents.  Our Adopt a Room Fundraiser will help us with everything from new furniture to linens.  Donate and light up one our windows! When all our windows are lit with hope, we’ve reached our goal.


DONATE NOW (Adopt A Bedroom)


Help Give Our Residents a Place That Feels Like Home
Adopt a Bedroom at Our WRAP House

Help Transitions make our WRAP (Women’s Residential Addiction Program) House feel a lot more like home for our residents.  After 24 years of helping women in recovery, our WRAP House is in dire need of repairs and updates.  Our programs that meet the needs of women trying to recover already strain the tight budget that covers our daily operating costs, and donations are imperative if we are to improve our dated building.

We have a grant in place to update WRAP’s common living areas, but it’s the bedrooms – the private spaces where our residents reside – that need help too.  We hope to make these rooms a tranquil place for our clients to work on their recovery and retire to at the end of the day. We desperately wish to replace the metal institutional-type bunk beds with warm wood and new bedding, to make the women feel welcome and comfortable.  This will go a long way to improve their mental state, as they prepare for the struggle to find their place in a life of recovery.

We’re asking the members of our community and local businesses to help us in our endeavor and Adopt a Bedroom.  Your contribution of $2,000 includes a plaque with your name, your company’s or business’s name, or an “In Honor of …” or “In Memory of …” dedication of your choice.  If you’d like to participate, but can’t contribute on your own, we’re offering the ability to create a campaign with Network for Good and encourage your family and friends to join you in our Adopt a Bedroom project.

With a little grant money and donated labor, we’ve managed to paint and make a few updates in the common living areas, and these small changes have made a noticeable improvement in both staff and resident morale.  Once these updates were completed, the women in the house immediately asked if there was going to be any work done to the bedrooms.  We feel that improving these rooms will have an even more positive effect than the improvements to the common areas.



This facility houses 46 women in 17 bedrooms. We’ve estimated the cost per room for a complete update to be $2,000, which includes:

• New beds and mattresses $1,100
• Linens, pillows and comforters $250
• Painting and repair $500
• Window treatments $100
• Dedication plaque $50


Thank you for your donation and helping to ignite hope for these women in recovery who are working to reclaim their lives.


DONATE NOW (Adopt A Bedroom)

 THANK YOU! to our sponsors: Gerry and Tony Zembrodt / In Memory of Desi Sandlin / Gloria Dei Lutheran Church / In Memory of Craig Underwood / In Memory of Nicholas Specht